How to Make Your Own Crochet To-Go Kit: Travel with Your Crochet!

Once you start a crochet project, you probably don’t want to put it down! Luckily, crochet materials are easy to travel with in pretty much any setting!

What to Include in Your Crochet To-Go Kit

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook in a holder/organizer
  • Measuring tape
  • Darning (yarn) needles
  • Bobby pins or safety pins (in lieu of stitch markers)
  • Nail clippers dedicated to cutting yarn/thread
  • Current pattern (not necessary if it is digital on your phone)

So now you know what the basics are that you should include in your crochet to-go kit, but why these things, and how should they be organized? In this post, I will explain in more detail how I created my kit and give some tips on how to make it even more organized and comply with possible travel restrictions!

What to Include in Your Crochet To-Go Kit: The Details

  • Yarn
    • You will want to take the amount of yarn you expect to use in your current project. To keep the kit manageable, don’t overload it with all the yarn you have in your stash! This is a specific kit for the project you will create at the time.
    • If you are planning a long trip, you may plan to do more than one project. In this case, pack the yarn for your other projects separately to not clutter your kit.
  • Crochet hook in a holder/organizer
    • You could take just the hook you are using for your current project, like I suggested for the yarn, but hooks do not take up much space. I like to keep all of my crochet hooks together and organized in a hook holder, so toss that in your kit, and you are good to go!
    • Side note. I prefer the organizers over just the “pencil pouch” type of holders because you don’t have to dig around for the right size, and the metal hooks don’t clang together and make a lot of noise. This is especially nice for the people who are traveling around you!
  • Measuring tape
    • You should include a measuring tape in your kit, either the small ones that retract or a sewing tape (fabric or plastic) that can roll/fold up.
  • Darning (yarn) needles
    • Having a darning needle or two in your kit will make weaving in your ends much quicker and easier. You can also use it for sewing seams and adding embellishments to your work.
  • Bobby pins or safety pins (in lieu of stitch markers)
    • Many lists say that stitch markers are a necessity, but I don’t use them. You can easily use a bobby pin or a safety pin instead of a stitch marker. They are cheap and easy to replace if lost or broken, but they are also made of metal, making them more durable than plastic markers.
  • Nail clippers dedicated to your crochet (instead of scissors)
    • For a travel kit, nail clippers are easier than scissors, and they work great! Have a dedicated pair for your crochet kit, and keep it with your hooks.
  • Current pattern (not necessary if it is digital on your phone)
    • If you are working out of a magazine or have any printed version of your pattern, you would want to pack that pattern.
    • I find it easier to have the pattern as a PDF saved on my phone. Don’t rely on a pattern on a website that may have to load when traveling because you may not be able to load it depending on where you are!

How to Pack Your Crochet To-Go Kit

Things to consider when choosing the bag/box
You will want to have all of the items you need easily accessible. So having something with multiple pockets is nice so you don’t have to dig through. You also want something that you can close up (I prefer zip) so that you don’t lose any of your smaller materials.

Another consideration is something that can hold your working yard. If you are cramped on a plane, you don’t want the yarn to fall and roll under the seat where it would be really hard to reach. You also don’t want it to hit the dirty floors!

You will also want something flexible. A solid box isn’t great when you are trying to shove it into a larger carry-on bag or keep it down by your feet in the car.

Options for holding your small materials
For the hook organizers, you can purchase a special hook organizer, you can sew one, or you can crochet one. You could even use a cosmetic brush organizer if you wanted. None of these things really has to be dedicated to crochet.

You could keep your bobby or safety pins (stitch markers) in your hook organizer as well, and some may include a zipper pocket or some area to keep them secure, but I recommend keeping them in something more secure. A great option for holding bobby pins or safety pins in an old Tic Tac container! You have the little flap to shake them out, or you can pull off the whole lid to get one out. Either way, they are very secure and not as likely to get lost!

Options for your crochet bag/box
There are a variety of options for this. To hold all of your materials, you could use a small backpack, a diaper bag, or even ziplock bags! You can use anything that works for you!

There are also TONS of totes you can purchase that are dedicated for crochet and/or knitting if you do prefer to have one. Many of them even have small holes in the top or on the side to pull your yarn through without having to unzip it or take the yarn out.

These totes come in a range of sizes and costs. Again, because this is about being good for travel, I would go with a smaller one that is more portable.

I currently do not have a store-bought tote, but I have been eying this one on Amazon. I love the pattern, the price, the zippers, and the reviews. The only thing I don’t love about it is the hook bag because it is not an actual organizer, but I have an organizer already anyway!

Are There Any Restrictions to Taking My Kit on a Plane?

The short answer is no! That is the beauty of what I chose to put in the kit. I purposely avoided items that could be an issue during air travel!

According to the TSA website, you can bring crochet hooks, darning needles, yarn, safety pins, and nail clippers through security in your carry-on bags.

I purposely left scissors out of the kit and replaced them with nail clippers. The two benefits of this are they are smaller and easier to throw in a travel kit, and they are not restricted in any form of travel.

Now, if you are set on having scissors, you CAN currently take scissors on a plane. They must be less than 4 inches from the “pivot point.” (Always check the TSA What Can I Bring,” website before you go through just in case this changes.)

Tips For What to Crochet On-the-Go

Crochet a huge king-size afghan on a plane? No, thank you! My best tip for what project to choose is, “Go small or go home!” Literally. You should pick a project that can be worked in small pieces or that is just a small project. Save those huge projects to do at home.

Something like granny squares is nice because you can work them up without having a massive amount of work on your lap then they can be put together later. They are easy to store as well.

You could also work a crop top, a scarf, headbands, boot cuffs, clutches, Christmas ornaments, coasters, or necklaces. As you can see, the options for small projects go on and on and on.

Chose wisely!

So now you know how to pack and what to include in your crochet to-go kit! If you think of any other questions about it, drop me a comment, and I will answer the best I can!

Now it is time for YOU to get Crafty with Ashy! Show me YOUR crochet to-go kit in the comments!

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Hi! I’m Ashy. I am a Christian, wife, mom, and physical therapist. I am also an amateur painter, baker, crocheter, and miscellaneous crafter. I hope to be able to share some of my enthusiasm for creating with you and to inspire YOU to begin, continue, or grow YOUR creative outlet!

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