Are Crochet Tops Still in Style? Crochet What is Trendy!

With crochet, there are a wide variety of things you can create. A large category is clothing. You can crochet many types of tops and dresses to fit a variety of styles.

But…Are crochet tops in style? According to multiple sources, Crochet tops ARE in style for 2020! Many designers are including crochet pieces in their collections and providing a modern twist on this classic craft.

So, you want to know how to crochet what is still trendy in this day and age! Your crochet work can help put your wardrobe solidly in this new decade of the 2020s as long as you stick with some general principles when picking your patterns!

What General Principles Should I Stick With to Pick Trendy Crochet

Crocheting is no longer just for blankets and grandmas!

Crochet dresses and crop tops seem to be popping up in many designers’ newest collections.  Some are modest, but most are a little bolder. Many of the popular crochet styles are perfect for displaying your skin.

So, the general principles you should stick to when picking a crochet top pattern if you are looking for “trendy” are in the following list.

  • Stick with the soft and feminine
    • Lacier styles with open work and a flowy style are going to give you that soft look to bring your crochet into the modern day.
  • Chose a piece with some “exposure”
    • crocheting a tank top or even a light open work “sweater” that you can layer over a bralette to give you a complete look while showing some skin.
  • Crochet a crop top
    • Crop tops are VERY “in” right now, and crochet crop tops are no different! They also offer the added “bonus” (to some people) of having an exposed element to them.
  • Make a bralette style top
    • A bralette or bikini style top is perfect for layer or just wearing on its own for a summery look (as long as you are bold enough to actually wear it!)

Who Said Crochet is “In”?

Multiple fashion sources explicitly stated that crochet pieces are making a comeback in 2020.

According to ELLE, prairie-styled pieces including lace and delicate finishing are in for 2020. (You can make tons of lace styles with crochet!)

Fashion Gum has a recent post that shows a ton of different options of trendy crochet tops that you can purchase from a variety of places and designers. Most of these an experienced crocheter could whip up in no time and have the added bonus of having a more one-of-a-kind piece!

The List said, “Crocheted tops and dresses will be everywhere as a fashion trend in 2020”. Well, if that isn’t direct, I don’t know what is! Bust out your stash and get making!

“Get out your crochet hooks for Spring 2020.”


Well, it looks to me a lot of major sources have confirmed it! All of us crocheters get made fun of for choosing a craft that is “old fashioned” or being a “grandma”…..WE ARE TRENDY! Just goes to show you that everything revolves and comes back in style eventually!

Tips for How to Style Your Crochet Pieces

Many crochet pieces are revealing. You can either embrace this or address it with your styling

If you need to “cover up” a little more, for example at work, You can layer your crochet dress over a slip to give it the lined dress look. This will keep you modest and office-appropriate while still offering you the femininity of the crochet look.

You can do the same thing with a top by layering a colored or neutral tank under it.

If you are feeling bolder, go for a bralette under the crochet top! You will still have your chest covered, but it gives you that sexy, yet not overstated exposed look.

You can use a crochet dress as a cover-up at the pool or beach. Through it on over your swimsuit and go on your way! You will have the fun peak of color from your swimwear and still be able to go into the restaurant where clothes are required!

Pair a bralette style top with a pair of high wasted shorts to have the contrast between coverage and exposure!

If you want to “dress up” your crochet, you can pair that crop top with some dressy pants or a floral chiffon maxi skirt for a comfortable, but sophisticated look.

For flowy crochet pieces, you can add some appeal and “hardness” and show off your silhouette by adding a leather belt to the piece. This provides a nice contrast to the ultra-feminine feel of the crochet work.

What Other Crochet Pieces Should I Consider Adding to My Wardrobe?

Crochet tops and dresses are not the only things that are trendy in crochet!

Crochet totes are very functional and trendy, especially with the reuse/recycle/reduce/re-purpose age we are living in. You can use it as a market bag. You could take old t-shirts and make t-shirt yarn to make the bag. You can even crochet a bag out of bags-plastic grocery bags that is!

A light crochet kimono adds dimension to any outfit! It is so versatile!

Crochet mini or maxi skirts! Yes, please! Pair with a very short slip underneath to maintain modesty but still show off those legs!

Crochet shorts?! Same thing! So in and modern! Who made crochet shorts in your grandma’s day?! Choose a lacy pattern and line them for a very trendy look!

WikiHow actually even offers a guide for how to wear your crochet clothing! Check it out for more ideas and pictures of the inspiration pieces!

So, there you have it! Your crochet top can be trendy! Stick with the exposed look and go for feminine! If you think of any other questions, drop me a comment, and I will answer the best I can!

Now it is time for YOU to get Crafty with Ashy! Show me your trendy crochet clothes in the comments!

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Hi! I’m Ashy. I am a Christian, wife, mom, and physical therapist. I am also an amateur painter, baker, crocheter, and miscellaneous crafter. I hope to be able to share some of my enthusiasm for creating with you and to inspire YOU to begin, continue, or grow YOUR creative outlet!

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