Crocheting: Is It an Expensive Hobby? The Answer Might Surprise You!

When starting a new hobby, one common question is how expensive it will be. Crochet is no different. Many people want to know how much this hobby will really cost them. In this post, I will provide the answer to that question.

Is crocheting an expensive hobby? Crocheting is an expensive hobby. You can expect to spend $16 to make a scarf, $5 to make a beanie, $28 to make a baby blanket (crib size), and $80 to make a king-sized afghan. Purchasing the yarn to make a substantial-sized pattern is expensive.

*Price of yarn varies greatly*

Though crochet is, big picture, a fairly expensive hobby. There are ways to be frugal when it comes to crocheting. In this post, I will go over the average cost of crochet, the more expensive ways of doing things, and the cheaper ways of doing things.

If you prefer audio and visual, check out my YouTube video about this subject!

The Average Cost of Crocheting Different Projects

The following tables give you the average yarn usage and cost to purchase that amount of yarn. A range is provided for the cost due to the wide range of yarn prices, but is based on size 4, non-specialty yarns. If you were to choose a specialty yarn like organic, it would cost much more.

The average yarn used is an estimate and will depend on the stitch/pattern chosen.


TypeSize (inches)Average Yarn
Usage (yards)
Average Cost
for Yarn ($)

Baby Blankets

TypeSize (inches)Average Yarn
Usage (yards)
Average Cost
for Yarn ($)

Women’s Sweaters

SizeAverage Yarn
Usage (yards)
Average Cost
for Yarn ($)


SizeAverage Yarn
Usage (yards)
Average Cost
for Yarn ($)


TypeAverage Yarn
Usage (yards)
Average Cost
for Yarn ($)

Comparing Crocheting an Item to Purchasing the Item

As you can tell from the tables above, hand-made does not equal less expensive in most cases. I’m sure we all know that we can purchase a king-sized blanket for less than $80. Now, you could definitely spend more on a store-bought blanket as well, but that is not really my point here.

There are some items that it may make financial sense to make versus buy, For example, an infant beanie priced at $1 would be a pretty good deal. Maybe not garage sale good, but still good. A cowl for $4, not too shabby!

In general, sweaters and baby blankets seem to be the middle ground. They are pretty comparable to store-bought products at full price.

So, Why Should I Crochet Even Though It Is Expensive (at Times)?

Crocheting is a hobby. It is something to do to be creative and use parts of your brain you don’t use for other things. It is something to pass the time. It is something to be able to say, “I did this thing that other people can’t do.” It is great for personalized gifts that say, “I love and care about you.”

There are so many benefits to crocheting, just like any other hobby.

Check out Is Crocheting A Good Hobby? Is it Worth It? to see all the reasons to pick up crocheting! The list includes reducing depression and anxiety, delaying dementia, and building community, among other things!

How Can I Make Crocheting More Affordable?

There are many projects you can choose that will take less yarn and, therefore, be more affordable.

You could stick with small projects that use very little yarn, like jewelry, hats, or small baby blankets.

Always look for sales and use coupons! Yarn is often on sale for 40-50% off. If not, you can usually find a store coupon to help with the cost. Also, check out thrift stores, as many people actually donate unused yarn (I didn’t find this out until I was 30 years old! I have been crocheting since I was around 8!)

Make sure to look at your yarn stash and try to use it up. No need to waste that half a skein you have left from a previous project!

Get other people to buy you yarn! Birthdays, Christmas? Can’t think of anything you really want or need, ask for yarn!

What Other Costs Come with Crocheting? It Isn’t Only Yarn

Most of the materials that you use for crochet are a one-time investment.

Materials you will need or may want to have other than yarn are crochet hooks, crochet hook case, darning (yarn) needles, scissors, and a tape measure. The total cost for all of these items is around $30.

You will also need patterns, but you can find thousands for free online. If you purchase, they will cost around $5 each, give or take.

You could definitely spend a ton more than this on the other materials, buying something like an expensive hand-made hook or $150 scissors, but for most people, yarn WILL BE the most expensive part of crocheting.

Well, I think I’ve mostly covered it! If you have any other questions about crochet expenses, drop me a comment, and I will answer the best I can!

Now it is time for YOU to get Crafty with Ashy! Let me know YOUR money-saving crochet tips!

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Hi! I’m Ashy. I am a Christian, wife, mom, and physical therapist. I am also an amateur painter, baker, crocheter, and miscellaneous crafter. I hope to be able to share some of my enthusiasm for creating with you and to inspire YOU to begin, continue, or grow YOUR creative outlet!

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