What Crochet Hook to Use Based on Yarn and Project + 50 Free Patterns

Within crochet, you can make a wide variety of items in a wide variety of styles. This is pretty amazing given that you really are only working with two things, a hook and yarn. So, how can you get so much variety? By mixing and matching hook sizes and yarn weight (thickness). You can get anything from a very delicate lace doily to a super heavy, thick blanket. You can even make stuffed animals! So let’s learn all about how to choose the right hook for your project!

Generally, every yarn label will provide a suggested hook size for the yarn. This will result in a fabric with “medium” tension with some structure and some flow. Using a smaller hook, you will get a stiffer, more structured fabric. A larger hook will get you a more flowy, loose fabric.

The whole idea of this post is FREEDOM! You have the freedom to mix and match however you want to! If you look at a yarn label, it will give you the suggested hook. DO NOT be locked in by this! You do you! Let’s explore how different combinations of hook and yarn will work together and what types of projects they work best for!

At the end, I have a roundup of 50 free patterns available online for various crochet hooks. Just by looking at these few examples, you can see how much variety you can get even using the same hook!

Crochet Hook Sizes

Standard crochet hooks range in thickness from 2.25 millimeters (mm) to 30 mm. In many parts of the world, the size is only reported in metric (mm), but in the US a letter system is used starting from B for the smallest hook. Most hooks will label with both the US and metric size.

Below is a chart with all of the size conversions.

Crochet Hook Size Chart

B-12.25 mm
2.50 mm
C-22.75 mm
D-33.25 mm
E-43.50 mm
F-53.75 mm
G-64.0 mm
G4.25 mm
74.5 mm
H-85.0 mm
I5.25 mm
I-95.50 mm
J5.75 mm
J-106.0 mm
K-10.56.50 mm
7.0 mm
L-118.0 mm
M/N-139.0 mm
N/P-1510.0 mm
12.0 mm
P/Q15.0 mm
Q16.0 mm
S19.0 mm
T/U/X25.0 mm
T/X30.0 mm
Information from the Craft Yarn Council

Yarn Weight and Recommended Hook Sizes

Yarn thickness is termed “weight”. Yarn weight ranges from 0 to 7 with 0 being thread and 7 being “jumbo” yarn that is very thick. Each yarn weight has a range of crochet hook size recommendations. Below is an infographic with the recommendations and the type of projects that would typically be made using the specified weight of yarn with the recommended hook.

Mixing and Matching Yarn and Crochet Hooks

So let’s look at what we get when we mix and match different yarn weights with different crochet hook sizes and what types of projects would work best with each combination.

Using the suggested hook size

Using the suggested hook size with the specified yarn weight will result in something that has “normal” or “medium” tension. This means that the fabric will have some structure but some flow. The result will be more dependent on the stitches you choose.

You can make wintry, heavier items by using a thicker yarn with the suggested hook (e.g. weight 5 with a K/10.5 mm Hook), or summery, lighter items with a thinner yarn (e.g. weight 3 with an I/5.5 mm hook). See the chart above for further ideas based on yarn weight.

Larger Hook with Thin Yarn

This combination will result in a loose, drapey, flowy fabric. You can make it extremely flowy if you use a looser stitch or mildly structures with a tighter stitch, but you will still have a lot of movement and air.

With this combination you can make summery accessories such as light scarves or hats. You can also make lightweight, summer/spring clothing. Using this combination for clothing will result in modern looking, open work, revealing clothing. You can also make household items like decorative table runners or doilies.

Larger Hook with Thick Yarn

This combination will also result in a loose, drapey fabric, but it will be heavy and warm.

With this combination you can make heavy, but flowy winter accessories such as scarves and slouchy beanies. This is also nice for heavy sweaters that will drape nicely around the body, versus being more stiff and structures. This works well for heavy throw blankets as well that will hang nicely over a chair or couch, but be warm and cozy to curl up by the fireplace in winter.

Smaller Hook with Thick Yarn

This combination will result tight, stiff, structured fabric. This will also result in a fabric with much smaller holes in it. It will result in warm, heavier looking fabrics.

With this combination you can make a wide variety of items. It is really good for amigurumi (stuffed toys) because you get a nice thick fabric without holes in it, which means the stuffing will not peak through it. This is also really nice for things like placemats, pot holders and rugs that you want to have structure and thick fabrics. It will also make a very warm, heavy blanket with little airflow.

In terms of wearable items, this will make heavy, warm, structured clothing which is nice for cowls, structured hats and beanies, ear warmers, and some types of skirts and sweaters.

Smaller Hook with Thin Yarn

This combination will make a tight, structured finish without being too heavy. This results in a fabric with very small holes, though it is still light.

This combination is great for baby items. It makes for a fabric with very small holes which will prevent little fingers from getting caught and potentially cutting off circulation, but it is still lightweight enough to not swamp the little one.

It is also great for things that you want to be light, but still need coverage. Think-swimwear. It will be light enough to dry quickly, but still remain modest. This will also work for other clothing items that you want to be lightweight but structured, such as tank tops, crop tops, some skirts, etc.

Free Patterns for Each Hook Size

There are multiple websites that I like to go to for free crochet patterns. The main two are Ravelry.com and Allfreecrochet.com. On both of these sites, you can refine your search in multiple way, one of which is by crochet hook size.

So using these two sites, I collected a few examples of patterns for a variety of crochet hook sizes to give you some visual examples to get your creative juices flowing! I chose a variety of combination of the “mix and match” examples provided above so you can see how the fabric changes with the differences.

None of these patterns were created by me, so please give credit where credit is due if you choose to make one of these designs.

Size B/2.25 mm Crochet Hook

Small crocheted rhino
by Kristi Tullus

Make Mine Cocoa
by DivineDebris.com

Cup of Cocoa earrings free crochet pattern by DivineDebris.com

Ananas Tas
by Made in Assen by Zilla van der Spoel

Crochet Motif Shrug
by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

Size D/3.25 mm Crochet Hook

Star Bright Crochet Table Runner
by Susan Lowman

Star Bright Crochet Table Runner

Ballerina Top
by Annoo Crochet

Women’s Hooded Sweater
by Maz Kwok

Sterling Road Sweater
by Lee Sartori

Size E/3.5 mm Crochet Hook

Scalloped Tube Top
by Lakshmi Ravi Narayan

Malia Shoulder Bag
by Rebecca Langford

Modern Mug Rugs
by Sheila Houle

Mini Desert Cactus
by Zoe Bartley

Nature’s Walk Blanket
by Sandra Paul

Size G/4.0 mm Crochet Hook

Diamonds Beanie
by Jennifer Pionk

Hyperbolic Velvet Scrunchies
by Tamara Kelly

Sweet Summer Tee
by Rachel Misner

Last Dance on the Beach
by Scheepjeswol

Rainbow Garland
by Hooked by Robin

Size H/5.0 mm Crochet Hook

Mosaic Basket
by Rebecca Langford

Nordic Stripes Blanket
by Red Heart Design Team

Winter Opulence Round Hotpad
by Kirsten Holloway

The Sophia Crop Top
by Carrie M Chambers

Puff Stitch Toddler Dress
by Lindsey Dale

Size I/5.5 mm Crochet Hook

Acacia Cropped Sweater
by Hooked on Tilly

Teardrop Pullover
by Sentry Box Designs

Malia Buttoned Cowl
by Rebecca Langford

Snow Drops Reversible Cowl
by Tamara Kelly

Child Swing Top
by Kristin’s Creations

Size J/6.0 mm Crochet Hook

Pretty Puff Bathmat
by Stoneface Creations

Adult Puff Stitch Beanie
by Carrie M Chambers

Street Fair Boho Purse
by Jess Coppom

Rosebridge Plaid Blanket Scarf
by Alexandra Tavel

Movie Night Cocoon Cardi
by Alexandra Tavel

Size K/6.5 mm Crochet Hook

Simple Star Ornaments
by Alexis Middleton

Morning Mittens
by Jess Coppom

Willow Cardigan
by Grace Forthefrills

Aurora Women’s Cardigan
by Jennifer Pionk

Boho Triangle Shawl
by Efa Design Team

Chaining to Infinity & Beyond
by Beth Bonkowski

Size M/N/9.0 mm Crochet Hook

The Lynmouth Blanket
by Zoe Bartley

Big Owl Pillow Pet
by Kaila Osborn

Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat
by Julie King

Brickwork Slipper Boots
by Dorianna Rivelli

Threefold Boho Top
by Aimee Wagner

Size P/Q/15.0 mm Crochet Hook

All About That Pom
by The Firefly Hook

Chain Letter Cowl
by Melanie Depcinski

F934 Basket/Tote
by Sue Hilger

Chunky Yarn Wreath
by Rebecca Langford

Merry Go Round Rug
by Sweet Softies

Cozy Winter Blanket
by Fiorela Garcia

WOW! I loved writing this post and seeing the variety available with just the two tools of a crocheter: yarn and a hook! I hope you enjoyed it and learned something, too! If you think of any other questions about what hook to use, drop me a comment, and I will answer the best I can!

Now it is time for YOU to get Crafty with Ashy!

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